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Silberline Offers a Wide Range of Metallic Effect Pigments for Automotive Coatings

For decades, Silberline's SPARKLE SILVER® family of cornflake grades have been the most reliable and widely used technology for the automotive industry.  This breakthrough technology led to the development of more advanced silver dollar product families including SPARKLE SILVER® Premier.  SPARKLE SILVER Premier products have for many years been the industry standard for finer, brighter pigments with cleaner polychromatic effects.

As automotive applications technology evolved, coatings containing aluminum pigments were subjected to much greater shear forces, which tended to dull the metallic appearance of the final coating.  As a solution, Silberline introduced its revolutionary line of TUFFLAKE® circulation resistant pigments engineered to maintain both high brightness and metallic travel in automotive OEM finishes.

Silberline broke the "fineness or brightness paradigm" with the development of its PLATINUM SILVER® and SPARKLE SILVER ULTRA® families of innovative products.  PLATINUM SILVER and SPARKLE SILVER ULTRA pigments are designed to achieve the highest level of effects and creativity.

Silberline SILVER STAR® pigments offer advanced silver dollar technology and yield exceptional brilliance, expansive metallic travel, and very smooth patina.  SILVER STAR pigments offer excellent performance and good degradation resistance in automotive OEM finishes and are ideal for use in refinish as well as automotive interior coatings, wheel coatings, parts and accessories.

Silberline pigments can be used in both automotive OEM and refinish solventborne or in-situ passivated waterborne paint systems.

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