Automotive stylists and coatings formulators continue to look for new and exciting special effect pigments to deliver novel aesthetics. Current styling trends in the automotive industry favor the flash and eye catching appeal of brushed metallic and liquid metal effects. This smooth, mirror like metallic effect cannot be achieved with conventional ball-milled aluminium pigments. Silberline STARBRITE®  Vacuum Metallized Flake (VMF) is a platelet-like aluminum pigment with an exceptionally high surface area and aspect ratio. The unique characteristics of STARBRITE enable the formulator to achieve a smooth mirror-like metallic effect with a highly reflective brilliant finish.

Silberline has recently developed a new line of STARBRITE® Reveal VMF pigments which utilizes a more efficient manufacturing process yielding important benefits for automotive applications. This new state-of-the-art process establishes Silberline as a world leader in the manufacture and supply of VMF.

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