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Ranging in appearance from standard reflective to extra brilliant, these grades include leafing (ETERNABRITE) and non-leafing (SPARKLEBRITE) aluminum pigments. These grades are provided in a paste form carried in Isopropyl Alcohol. The IPA grades are designed for use in either solvent- or water-based fluid ink systems. Although compatible with a variety of aqueous ink systems, the IPA grades are not chemically treated for gassing stability. For increased stability in aqueous systems, refer to our SIL-O-WET® and AQUAVEX® products.

SILVET® "J" Granules:
This series consists of leafing and non-leafing pigments suggested for use in nitrocellulose, polyamide and acrylic, gravure and flexographic printing ink systems. SILVET pigments are dispersible in all common organic solvents with the exception of hydrocarbons. Pigments are compatible with a wide range of film formers.

SILVET® AD Granules:
SILVET AD grades are non-leafing aluminum pigments designed for use in solventborne flexo and gravure inks to provide optimal adhesion to polymer films and other substrates. They are similar to Silberline's SILVET "J" technology, but have been reformulated to improve adhesion properties. SILVET AD grades provide excellent compatibility, ease of handling and ease of dispersion.

These Vacuum Metallized Flake (VMF) pigments are extremely thin, non-leafing, lamellar aluminum pigments. STARBRITE'S exacting characteristics allow the ink formulator to achieve a smooth, mirror-like metallic effect and to deliver highly reflective, brilliant finishes for printed media applications.


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