Glitter Grades:

The Glitter grades are very coarse pigments that offer bright high sparkle effects with low opacity. They are included in the SILVEX® and SILVET® 410, 420, 430, 440 and 460 series. Depending on the grade chosen, Glitter grades will offer aesthetics similar to chopped foil pigments in the 50 X 50 micron to 400 X 400 micron range. They produce high metallic sparkle and are well suited for systems which can be pigmented with various colorants resulting in highly chromatic effects.

High Sparkle Grades:
The High Sparkle grades are based on coarse to very coarse, non-leafing cornflake pigments that offer a bright, high sparkle appearance and low opacity. They have broader particle size distribution ranges than the Glitter Grades. The High Sparkle grades include SILVET® 764-30-E1, SILVET® 730-30-E1, and the SILVEX® 755 series.


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