New SPARKLEBRITE™ Elite Family 015-PAC and 011-PAC 

 Silberline Launches New STARBRITE® Reveal for the Graphic Arts and Printing Inks Market

 STARBRITE® Reveal  
is a vacuum metalized flake (VMF) pigment produced by a new manufacturing process. This new process yields important benefits for both coatings and inks.


  • Wider solvent compatibility, especially for alcohol-rich and aqueous systems. 
  • STARBRITE Reveal is Greener! Manufacturing process uses less energy and generates less waste. 
  • Added capacity - better availability 
  • Available in multiple solvents for greater formulation flexibility 

To view more information about STARBRITE ® Reveal, click on the link below.


STARBRITE Reveal  Overview


To view and download Product Data Sheets for STARBRITE ® Reveal products, click on the links below.

STARBRITE Reveal R41020-EAC          Ethyl Acetate

STARBRITE Reveal R41020-EB            Glycol Ether EB

STARBRITE Reveal R41020-PA            Isopropyl Alcohol

STARBRITE Reveal R41020-NPAC       N-propyl Acetate

STARBRITE Reveal R41020-PM           Glycol Ether PM

STARBRITE Reveal R41020-PMAC      Glycol Ether PM Acetate

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