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Silberline Introduces APL-12243 Inhibited Aluminum Pigment for One Pack Waterborne Reflective Attic Barrier Coatings

Silberline is pleased to announce the launch of APL-12243 Inhibited Aluminum Pigment designed specifically for use in waterborne attic barrier coatings.  This innovative and cost effective product has been created to maximize the radiant barrier properties of coatings applied to the interior of attics and other related applications.

APL-12243 is easily dispersible and has been chemically treated to maximize stability in waterborne coatings thereby making it ideal for use in either one pack or two pack waterborne systems.

APL-12243 is available in either 220 pound drums (standard) or 44 pound pails.

Samples are immediately available upon request.  Click here to request samples.

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Silberline Launches New STARBRITE® Reveal for the Industrial Coatings Market

 STARBRITE® Reveal  
is a vacuum metalized flake (VMF) pigment produced by a new manufacturing process. This new process yields important benefits for industrial coatings applications.


  • Wider solvent compatibility, especially for alcohol-rich and aqueous systems. 
  • STARBRITE Reveal is Greener! Manufacturing process uses less energy and generates less waste. 
  • Added capacity - better availability 
  • Available in multiple solvents for greater formulation flexibility 

To view more information about STARBRITE ® Reveal, click on the link below.


STARBRITE Reveal  Overview


To view and download Product Data Sheets for STARBRITE ® Reveal products, click on the links below.

STARBRITE Reveal R41020-EAC          Ethyl Acetate

STARBRITE Reveal R41020-EB            Glycol Ether EB

STARBRITE Reveal R41020-PA            Isopropyl Alcohol

STARBRITE Reveal R41020-NPAC       N-propyl Acetate

STARBRITE Reveal R41020-PM           Glycol Ether PM

STARBRITE Reveal R41020-PMAC      Glycol Ether PM Acetate

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