The extremely smooth surface characteristics of Silberline STARBRITE products are evident when compared to conventionally milled aluminum pigments. STARBRITE Vacuum Metallized Flake can be formulated to produce coatings with a liquid metal effect or a mirror-like appearance. Silberline STARBRITE pigments are recommended for use in automotive interior, parts and accessories, and wheel coatings. 

Silberline has recently developed a new line of STARBRITE® Reveal VMF pigments which utilizes a new, more efficient manufacturing process yielding important benefits for graphic arts applications. This new state-of-the-art process establishes Silberline as a world leader in the manufacture and supply of VMF.

STARBRITE Vacuum Metallized Pigment Series for Industrial Coatings.  To learn more, download our new brochure.

For general use, formulation and application guidelines, click here.

STARBRITE® 2150-EACNon-Leafing10Ethyl Acetate
STARBRITE® 2180-EACNon-Leafing10Ethyl Acetate
STARBRITE® 2200-EACNon-Leafing10Ethyl Acetate
STARBRITE® 4102-EACNon-Leafing12Ethyl Acetate
STARBRITE® 4102-EAC/NPACNon-Leafing12-
STARBRITE® 5102-EACNon-Leafing12Ethyl Acetate
STARBRITE® 6108-EACNon-Leafing8.0000Ethyl Acetate
STARBRITE® 6108-EAC/NPACNon-Leafing8-
STARBRITE® 6108-PACNon-Leafing8-
STARBRITE® REVEAL AQ 08106Non-Leafing6-
STARBRITE® Reveal R4102-EBNon-Leafing12-
STARBRITE® Reveal R4102-MMBNon-Leafing12-
STARBRITE® Reveal R4102-NPACNon-Leafing12-
STARBRITE® Reveal R4102-PANon-Leafing12-
STARBRITE® Reveal R4102-PMACNon-Leafing12-

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