SILVET are a range of leafing and non-leafing pigments carried in a widely compatible aldehyde resin.  The granular product is easy to handle, low dusting, low VOC and readily dispersible in common organic solvents, with the exception of hydrocarbons.

The SILVET AD range is a reformulation of the early "J"-type granules that provides additional adhesion and rub resistance on a wide range of substrate, whilst the SILVET GB range of pigments is specifically chosen for their excellent coverage and potential to be colored as a replacement for gold or bronze type effects.

SILVET® 210-20-JLeafing15.0000Aldehyde Resin
SILVET® 320-20-JLeafing14Aldehyde Resin
SILVET® AD 007Non-Leafing7Aldehyde Resin
SILVET® AD 010Non-Leafing10Aldehyde Resin
SILVET® AD 013Non-Leafing13Aldehyde Resin
SILVET® AD 015Non-Leafing15Aldehyde Resin
SILVET® AD Premier 011Non-Leafing11Aldehyde Resin
SILVET® AD Premier 016Non-Leafing16Aldehyde Resin
SILVET® AD Ultra 012Non-Leafing12Aldehyde Resin
SILVET® AD Ultra 015Non-Leafing15Aldehyde Resin
SPARKLE SILVET® 960-20-JNon-Leafing14.0000Aldehyde Resin
SPARKLE SILVET® 970-20-JNon-Leafing11.0000Aldehyde Resin

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