ETERNABRITE is a range of leafing aluminum pigment pastes carried in isopropyl alcohol typically used for liquid flexographic or gravure solvent inks, where the leafing effect enhances the metallic effect achieved in the ink. Where "Premier" is indicated in the product name the grade is a "lenticular" or "silver dollar" geometry, otherwise the geometry is the standard "cornflake" type.

Although ETERNABRITE can be used in aqueous inks, these grades have not been treated to protect the aluminum from reaction with water and special care must be taken to evaluate the gassing stability of each grade in the final ink formulation. Gassing in an aqueous system can be initiated by the use of high shear mixing.

ETERNABRITE® 651-PALeafing7.5000IPA
ETERNABRITE® Premier 255-PALeafing15IPA
ETERNABRITE® Premier 351-PALeafing12IPA

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