Silberline's SILVET technology provides improved ease of handling, dispersion and compatibility in the extrusion of powder coatings. Metallic powder coatings pigmented with SILVET granules have the benefit of no picture frame effect and offer excellent recyclability and penetration into recessed areas. SILVET aluminum pigments are carried in a polymer known to be compatible with Epoxy, Hybrid, Polyester, Polyurethane and Acrylic powder coatings. In the granule form the aluminum pigment represents 70-80% with the remainder the carrier that forms a part of the coating resin. Aluminum pigments can be used in SILVET  form to produce bright silver, silver sparkle as well as hammertone and leafing effect finishes.

EXTRA SPARKLE SILVET® 300-10-PNon-Leafing43-
EXTRA SPARKLE SILVET® 400-10-PNon-Leafing30-
SILVET® 210-20-JLeafing15.0000Aldehyde Resin
SILVET® 220-20-ELeafing9.0000PE Wax
SILVET® 330-20-ELeafing8.0000PE Wax
SILVET® 440-30-E1Non-Leafing83PE Wax
SILVET® 620-20-ENon-Leafing21.0000PE Wax
SPARKLE SILVET ELITE LM 011-30-E1Non-Leafing11-
SPARKLE SILVET ELITE LM 015-30-E1Non-Leafing15-
SPARKLE SILVET ULTRA LM 011-30-E1Non-Leafing11-
SPARKLE SILVET ULTRA LM 020-30-E1Non-Leafing20-
SPARKLE SILVET® 755-30-E1Non-Leafing64.0000PE Wax
SPARKLE SILVET® 760-20-ENon-Leafing55.0000PE Wax
SPARKLE SILVET® 764-30-E1Non-Leafing80PE Wax
SPARKLE SILVET® 790-20-ENon-Leafing35.0000PE Wax
SPARKLE SILVET® 790-20-JNon-Leafing44.0000Aldehyde
SPARKLE SILVET® 790-20-PNon-Leafing45Acrylic
SPARKLE SILVET® 790-30-E1Non-Leafing45PE Wax
SPARKLE SILVET® 797-20-JNon-Leafing35.0000Aldehyde
SPARKLE SILVET® 880-20-ENon-Leafing28PE Wax
SPARKLE SILVET® 880-20-JNon-Leafing27.5000Aldehyde
SPARKLE SILVET® 960-20-JNon-Leafing14.0000Aldehyde Resin
SPARKLE SILVET® 960-20-PNon-Leafing14Acrylic
SPARKLE SILVET® 960-25-ENon-Leafing14PE Wax
SPARKLE SILVET® Premier 860-20-PNon-Leafing24Acrylic
SPARKLE SILVET® Premier 890-30-E1Non-Leafing20.0000PE Wax
SPARKLE SILVET® Premier 950-30-E1Non-Leafing16.0000PE Wax
SPARKLE SILVET® Ultra 0011-30-E1Non-Leafing11PE Wax
SPARKLE SILVET® Ultra 0017-20-PNon-Leafing17Acrylic
SPARKLE SILVET® Ultra 0017-30-E1Non-Leafing17PE Wax

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