"The Effects of Accelerated Weathering on the Physical Properties of Aluminum Flake-Pigmented Materials" by Jeff Drusda Weathering Paper 
 "Advances in Water-Based Metallics" as seen in Polymers Paint Colour Journal, August 2009  [Article written by Dr. Andrew Edwards, Director of Marketing - Inks] Advances in Water-Based Metallics2 
"Recommendations for Flow and Weld Line Mitigation using Aluminum Pigments" by Robert Schoppe and Eric Ringan Flow_and_Weld_Line_ 
"Advances in Aluminum Pigment Technology to Meet the Demands of the Coating Industry" as seen in Asia-Pacific Coatings Journal, October 2005. Advanced 
"Surface Treated Aluminum Pigments for Environmental Compliance" as seen in PCI Magazine, October 2005. environment 
"Metallic Color Challenges in Automotive Coatings" as seen in PCI Magazine, June 2005. metallic 
"SILBERCOTE - New Dimensions in Performance" as seen in PCI Magazine, October 2004. performance 

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