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Silberline aluminum pigments bring both aesthetic and functional value to the full range of industrial coatings. 

For over half a century Silberline has been an industry leader in providing metallic pigments to the industrial coatings market. Our innovations have led to the development of metallic flake technologies now considered to be the standards of the industry. Silberline products for industrial coatings have a proven track record of consistent high quality and are backed up by a strong technical service and support team. Our ability to provide the right product for the right application has always been at the forefront of our commitment to the industrial coatings industry. 

The diversity of effects that can be created with Silberline metallic pigments is unlimited. Our pigments can be used alone to produce strong solid silver metallic effects or with chromatic pigments to produce a wide spectrum of dazzling polychromatic metallic aesthetics. As a family of products, our pigments offer a versatile choice of particle sizes and pigment particle geometries. Each specific grade has been chosen to provide a unique combination of aesthetics, coating compatibility and functionality. Together these products provide an effective tool for the coatings formulator, color stylist and color matcher. Whether looking for a brilliant metallic sparkle, the smooth luster of solid metal or the functional attributes of a high opacity pigment, Silberline has the product for you. 











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