Silberline continues to offer a diverse range of consistent, high quality aluminum pigments for a variety of graphic art and printing applications.

Image and design are increasingly important in the global packaging and publishing industry.  Products have to stand out amongst the competition.  Silberline pigments are widely used to produce brilliant eye-catching designs on labels, packaging and many other items of printed material.  /uploadedImages/Printing_Inks/bottles(5).jpgThese clean, vibrant and striking effects increase the perceived value of any product that they adorn.  Silver dollar, cornflake or vacuum metallized pigments of differing particle sizes can give an extremely wide range of visual effects.

The graphic art and printing industry is alive. This fast moving market is constantly demanding more from its suppliers and the pigments that they provide.  Silberline recognizes this and rigorously pursues innovation through our dedicated and experienced Global Ink Development Team.  This team is ready to work with you to develop the next must-have pigment.

Together we brighten our world!

Global Ink Product Development and Technical Service Team

Silberline's global presence allows us to interact with you wherever you are in the world and we are proud to introduce our Global Ink Product Development and Technical Service Team.  Our highly skilled Technical Service personnel are here to assist with the selection and use of aluminum pigments, whilst our forward-thinking Product Development group is exploring new and unique grades to offer the market.  This team of industry experts is ready to work with you and brighten your future!

To speak to our team, please contact your local agent or Silberline directly.

New Product Data and Selection Guide for Graphic Arts & Printing Inks

Ink PDSG Cover 2010

The 2010 revision of the Product Data and Selection Guide for Graphic Arts & Printing Inks is now available. This guide contains all of Silberline's wide range of aluminum products for Graphic Arts and Printing Ink applications.  Inside you will find a collection of important data and incorporation guidelines that will help you choose the optimum product for your requirements and how to get the best performance from it.

For a copy of the new guide, please contact your local agent or Silberline directly.

To download a PDF of the Graphic Arts and Printing Inks Product Data and Selection Guide, click here.

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