For over 40 years, Silberline has been committed to the development and supply of the highest quality aluminum effect pigments to the automotive industry.

It was Silberline who in 1965 unlocked the secret of  "acid staining resistant" aluminum pigments. This development enabled automotive coatings manufacturers to create metallic effects that were able to withstand environmental conditions, solving a critical issue that had plagued the automotive industry for years.

Today, as a result of Silberline's advanced manufacturing and "world-class" research and development activities, our superior automotive pigments include SPARKLE SILVER®, SPARKLE SILVER® Premier, SPARKLE SILVER ULTRA®, PLATINUM SILVER®  and SILVER STAR® series. These products continue to inspire and provide automotive industry stylists and coatings formulators with a wide range of brighter and more dazzling metallic effects. Silberline TUFFLAKE® products are well-known world-wide for their outstanding degradation resistance in automotive OEM.

In addition to providing aluminum pigments in the traditional paste form, Silberline provides a variety of grades as surface treated SILBERCOTE® products for outstanding performance in a variety of applications including automotive parts and accessories. For waterborne coatings, Silberline has developed two "robust" chemistries for aluminum corrosion control. SILBERCOTE AQ inhibition technology and AQUA PASTE® passivation protection offer a wide range of metallic effect pigments suitable for waterborne applications.

Finally, Silberline manufactures its own Vacuum Metallized Flake (VMF) pigments; our STARBRITE® products offer the highest "reflectivity" and "distinctness of image" (DOI) of any VMF on the market today.

Technical service is a key distinction of Silberline. The experienced members of our global Technical Service team are equipped with over a century of accumulated experience and know-how in the automotive industry. Silberline's Technical Center has the resources to apply both solvent and waterborne coatings via air-assisted siphon spray or using our state-of-the-art electrostatic Bell equipment. We are proud of our global capability to provide both an accurate and timely response to our customers.

Because of Silberline's reputation for supplying the highest quality aluminum pigments, our products have for many years been formulated into automotive coatings that have contributed to the elegance and overall design aesthetics of motor vehicles around the world.

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