Extra SPARKLE SILVET 400-10-E1 is an aluminum pigment having a spherical pigment particle geometry. This grade is manufactured with a highly polished surface producing unique shimmering metallic “pin point sparkle” effects unlike those of traditional aluminum flake pigments. These effects are best developed when using Extra SPARKLE SILVET 400-10-E1 in clear or semi-transparent polymers. Having very low opacity, this grade can be used to produce highly chromatic, 3-D metallic sparkle effects when used with transparent pigments or dyes in clear polymers. In addition, Extra SPARKLE SILVET 400-10-E1 can be used in combination with traditional lamellar aluminum pigments to produce a range of metallic sparkle effects. Because of its low opacity compared to standard lamellar pigments, slight variations in pigment loading, including that of accompanying chromatic pigments, will result in observable variations in color and metallic effect. Care must be taken to assure pigment loading and chromatic pigment strength are tightly controlled in the final color formulation.

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