Suitable polymers include styrenics, polyolefins, polyamides, polyesters, polycarbonate and acetals. Use with certain grades of EVA and PVC may also be possible, but compatibility tests are recommended.

SILVET 437-30-E1 is recommended for use at 1-3% w/w on polymer to provide a random sparkle effect in colored metallic formulations. When used alone, a loading of up to 5% is required for color saturation and opacity. SILVET 437-30-E1 is suitable for moulding articles coming into indirect contact with food.

For most applications it will be sufficient to tumble blend this grade with polymer granules and other colorants prior to extrusion or moulding. High shear at any stage of incorporation should be avoided as it bends and breaks the aluminum flakes, causing darkening and loss of metallic brightness.

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