ET2018 has been formulated to provide colored pearlescent effects when combined with organic and inorganic pigments and dyestuffs. To create such an appearance, light reflection is required from depth within the polymer. This is achieved by concentrations of ET2018 as low as 0.01-0.1%. Good dispersion of such low concentrations is achieved by limiting the metal concentration of ET2018 to 40%. As the whiteness of pearl effects using this grade is limited by the color of the aluminum itself, ET2018 is likely to find most use in simulating the deeper pearlescent shades. Such formulations are extremely cost effective, due to the very low ET2018 concentrations required. This grade is also a good choice for packaging films, where it provides a brighter silver, with better dispersibility, though lower opacity, than Silvet® 210-30-E1. Like all flake pigments, optimum color and brightness will be obtained by incorporating ET2018 under conditions of good mixing, but low shear.

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