For powder coatings, the packaging should be cut open and the pigment gently combined at 2-4% loading with the resin powder to provide a ready-to-spray composition. For liquid coatings, the bag may be cut open and the contents allowed to discharge gently onto the surface of the solvent. If using solvent alone is not feasible, the medium can be substituted, but dispersion time may be extended. Dispersion is best achieved by low energy stirring, using a blade capable of moving the whole mass. Further solvent or medium may be added at this stage. When a smooth consistency, free of aggregates has been obtained, the remainder of the formulation can be slowly added. High shear should be avoided as it causes flake damage, thereby reducing brightness. Gassing resistance in water-based media will also be reduced. Further information is provided in the leaflet “PI-AFIB”.

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