Silberline Announces New Branding and Logo

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Silberline Announces New Branding and Logo

We’re excited to launch our new logo, tagline and look, as we start to evolve our brand for the future. We loved our old logo, and the significance it held in the industry for the last 75 years, and we know many felt the same.

Firstly, it’s not change just for the sake of change. It’s often said that the only constant in life is change. Which is also true in the lifespan of a company. This vibrant, exciting new look and feel of Silberline signals much more than a new logo. It signals our evolution into a global leader in aluminum pigments with the expertise needed to help our customers excel. And it is a natural progression from our first 75 years in business, to the next 75 and beyond.

Our new logo and brand look use a color palette that is solid and stable, signifying our longevity and credibility in the industry, accented by a vibrant hit of energetic brightness that signifies innovation and passion.

Our pigments are used in countless products that people interact with every day, including YOU. In order to make this connection, our new logo is a combination of the brand name and the Silber“line.” The Silber”line”in the logo represents many elements of the brand. Most importantly, it signifies the connection between raw materials and a finished product and the connection we make with our customers and consumers.”

Finally, our new tagline, FROM SCIENCE TO SHINE™ truly embodies who we are and our purpose at Silberline. When we combine science and art, products shine, eyes light up and desire is born. At Silberline, we create a direct connection between raw materials and allure, innovation and invigoration, precision and passion. This is the science of shine.

Over the next few months, you’ll see all the other visuals aligning around our new brand direction: website (our new site is live, go have a look), marketing materials, labels, forms, etc. It’s still us, just with a new look. We’re excited to bring you the new look and feel of Silberline combined with our commitment to innovation for the future.