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01AQUA PASTE® 5500-C43

AQUA PASTE® 5500-C43 Inhibited Aluminum Pigment


AQUA PASTE 5500-C43 is suitable for use in waterborne general industrial coatings.




– Automotive
– General Industrial Coatings



400 mesh grade

Screen Analysis (Max Retained)

99.9% minimum through 325 mesh

Non-Volatile By Weight (Target)

57.0% (+/- 2.0%) by weight

Non-Volatile By Volume (Calculated)

29.9% by volume

Aluminum Flake Content (Calculated)

47.5% minimum by weight

Bulking Gallons Pounds



Mixture of mineral spirits, high aromatic and propylene glycol ether

Particle Size-Microns (Target)



The recommended dispersion technique included the addition of sufficient co-solvent or vehicle co-solvent blend to the paste to develop a thick, creamy consistency under slow-speed mixing. After the development of a smooth, lump-free pigment slurry, total letdown can be completed with additional co-solvent and/or vehicle co-solvent blend. This grade, as supplied, is a paste and needs no additional mechanical shear to develop the aesthetic properties of the individual flakes. The only requirements for incorporation and dispersion into the vehicle are viscosity reduction, to overcome the cohesive nature of the paste, and minimum mechanical agitation to assure uniform incorporation throughout the vehicle. Excessive mechanical shear may damage the flake, thereby compromising gassing stability and changing its aesthetic value.

Limitations: This grade has been chemically treated to inhibit the aluminum-water reaction. However, under certain conditions, this reaction can still take place. The conditions which can affect this reaction are extremes in pH, excessive mechanical shear, and the chemical aggressiveness of the resin and additives. Because this reaction is a complex mechanism involving, perhaps, many of a coating’s constituents, Silberline recommends that coatings manufacturers evaluate this grade of aluminum pigment in their system to determine its own unique appearance and stability characteristics.

Caution: The use of high speed mixing equipment, such as Cowles dispersers, may distort the aluminum flake, resulting in poor appearance.


Aluminum pigment should be stored in the original shipping container and kept tightly sealed. Store containers in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, and properly rated area. Avoid any conditions that will suspend or float the particles in the air, creating a dust cloud. Avoid all possible sources of ignition. For additional information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for this product, available from Silberline upon request. An SDS is supplied with all samples of this grade.

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