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DF-554 Dedusted Aluminum Flake


DF-554 Dedusted Aluminum Flake is manufactured by incorporating a small amount of Teflon* with an uncoated aluminum pigment and then, through further processing, is provided in a dry, non-dusting form. DF-554 is a fine particle size, non-leafing, lenticular or silver dollar aluminum pigment.



This product is formulated in bonded metallic powder coating applications.


Screen Analysis (Max Retained)

99.00% minimum through 325 mesh

Non-Volatile By Weight (Target)

99.4% by weight

Specific Gravity


Particle Size-Microns (Target)



The incorporation of a small amount of Teflon*, which renders the product dedusted, imparts unique requirements for dispersion. Requests for dispersion information should be referred to Silberline’s Technical Service department.

*Trademark of E.I. DuPont DeNemours & Company, Inc.


Aluminum pigment should be stored in the original shipping container and kept tightly sealed. Store containers in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, and properly rated area. Avoid any conditions that will suspend or float the particles in the air, creating a dust cloud. Avoid all possible sources of ignition. For additional information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for this product, available from Silberline upon request. An SDS is supplied with all samples of this grade.

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