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ETERNABRITEĀ® 301-1 Aluminum Paste


The ETERNABRITE series of leafing aluminum pigments offer outstanding brilliance, superior leafing ability and a more metallic appearance versus traditional leafing aluminum pigments. ETERNABRITE products have leafing values of 80% and above, provide excellent leafing stability, and produce coatings with increased sag resistance. ETERNABRITE 301-1 is a class B leafing aluminum pigment paste. ETERNABRITE 301-1 is suitable for use in aerosol paints and maintenance coatings.




This grade is for use in aerosols, anti-corrosive coatings and maintenance coatings.



325 mesh grade

Leafing Value

90% minimum

Screen Analysis (Max Retained)


Non-Volatile By Weight (Target)

68% by weight

Non-Volatile By Volume (Calculated)

37.2% by volume

Particle Size-Microns (Target)


Specific Gravity


Weight Volume (lbs/gallon)


Weight Volume (kgs/liter)



Exempt mineral spirits

Federal Specification

TT-P-320D, Type II, Class B

ASTM Specification

D962-86, Type II, Class B


The paste should be pre-soaked in a solvent at a paste:solvent ratio of between 1:1 to 3:1. Polar solvents should be avoided with leafing grades due to their adverse effect on leafing stability. Pre-soaking generally takes from one to eight hours. Finer grades typically take longer than coarser grades. Use low shear, slow speed mixing to achieve a smooth consistency free of agglomerates. High shear dispersion techniques should be avoided, as they will distort the aluminum flakes.


Aluminum pigment should be stored in the original shipping container and kept tightly sealed. Store containers in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, and properly rated area. Avoid any conditions that will suspend or float the particles in the air, creating a dust cloud. Avoid all possible sources of ignition. For additional information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for this product, available from Silberline upon request. An SDS is supplied with all samples of this grade.

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