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01SILVEX® 420-15-C

SILVEX® 420-15-C Aluminum Pigment


SILVEX 420-15-C is a very coarse particle size, bright, non-leafing aluminum pigment dampened with mineral oil to minimize the potential for generating airborne pigment particles. This grade can be used to simulate metallic effects similar to those of 200 microns by 200 micron chopped foil pigments. This grade has a very narrow particle size distribution and will produce coarse glitter effects when used alone or with chromatic pigments or dyes. Due to its narrow distribution range this grade can be used to create metallic effects with minimal flow line appearance.

-Glitter flake grade

-Damp powder

-Coarse, thick aluminum flake



SILVEX C grades are aluminum pigment flakes dampened with a plasticizer to help prevent the individual flakes from becoming airborne during handling and processing. They are well suited for use in liquid colorant applications where processing temperatures are below the volatilization point of the carrier. SILVEX C grades are compatible with a variety of resins including polyolefins and styrene. SILVEX C grades are dampened with a pharmaceutical grade mineral oil and are suitable for applications that require FDA compliance. Specific FDA compliance information is available upon request. In order to maintain optimum aesthetics, SILVEX grades should be dispersed properly.



85.0% (+/- 2%) Al flake


15.0% (+/- 2%) carrier

Particle Size-Microns (Target)


Specific Gravity

ca 2.06

Flash Point

430 Degrees F


Mineral Oil

Carrier Percentage



SILVEX aluminum pigments consist of aluminum pigment flakes dampened with a liquid plasticizer. Incorporation techniques should include the addition of an appropriate medium, such as additional plasticizer to allow the individual flakes to disassociate and distribute evenly. This can be done by adding an equal amount of plasticizer to the SILVEX and letting the mixture set until it becomes soft and can be mixed thoroughly under low shear until smooth.


Aluminum pigment should be stored in the original shipping container and kept tightly sealed. Store containers in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, and properly rated area. Avoid any conditions that will suspend or float the particles in the air, creating a dust cloud. Avoid all possible sources of ignition. For additional information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for this product, available from Silberline upon request. An SDS is supplied with all samples of this grade.

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